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Link your brokerage account(s) to Tradepool securely through Plaid, an industry leading API


See your top holdings and performance across all of your accounts in one place


Trades will feed into the app as posts, alongside ape-curated memes and DD



No more bots and pumpers. Separate the shills from the apes.


Insights into real-time sentiment via actual trades, memes, and DD. Every stock held by Tradepool users has a community – is yours held by paper hands or diamond hands?


Tradepool allows users to share their verified trades, top holdings, and performance - regardless of the platform you use.


Our Leaderboard ranks verified trades. Could you have the next YOLO trade of the day?


Your profile doesn’t reveal your identity. Everything is shown in terms of percentages, never dollars.

Certified Apes

These are the Kings of the Wallstreet Jungle. Subscribe to them for real-time access to their trades and portfolios.

The Tradepool Team

Anas Milhem


Jason Agee


Noah Whitfield


Mahmoud Yassin


About Us

In the GME and WSB era, Tradepool is the one-stop-shop that modern day retail traders never knew they needed. We recognize an increasing number of traders use social media to get new ideas on what to trade, gauge sentiment on specific tickers, and join the communities of their favorite stocks. We simplify and strengthen this process by giving you a transparent, aggregated look-through on what people are talking about, what they are actually trading, and how they have actually performed. See what everyone is trading, get in on the next hot meme stock, and join a community of certified Apes HODLing your favorite stock - all with Tradepool.

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